FounderCorps – Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs Win!

A few months ago, I joined a group of two dozen or so like-minded tech entrepreneurs and company Founders at the home of Jonathan Aberman of Amplifier Venture Partners to create a new and UNIQUE not-for-profit organization called FounderCorps.

Managed by experienced technology entrepreneurs for the benefit of entrepreneurs, FounderCorps has already assisted a number of community groups and Universities in business formation and mentorship activities, including George Mason University, George Washington University, University of Maryland, Startup XLR8R and others.

There are so many great organizations and resources in our market, so why start FounderCorps?  Do we really need another organization in town?  The answer is YES! We all felt that there exists a tremendous need to promote greater coordination between experienced entrepreneurs and new business creation. There is so much activity in our region, and we wanted to create a group dedicated to providing the experienced entrepreneurs’ perspective to connect the dots between entrepreneurs and technology company creation. The underlying feeling of all of our members is that there is a uniquely successful version of entrepreneurship here in the DC region, and we want to promote and provide resources to this community for sustained growth.

Right now, our membership comprises over 57 experienced technology entrepreneurs who have started, managed or exited successful technology businesses. FounderCorps promotes technology entrepreneurial development by actively partnering with existing organizations to create a supportive infrastructure for technology entrepreneurship. Our core mission is to promote a broader and deeper technology entrepreneurship community in the Greater Washington Region. FounderCorps creates and delivers mentorship and support programs to emerging entrepreneurs who are creating businesses.

Today, FounderCorps announced the establishment of the FounderCorps Fellows Program. The new grant program supports our core mission of promoting technology entrepreneurship in the Greater Washington Region and selects individual entrepreneurs nominated by our members for long-term mentorship and guidance. The initial activity of the FounderCorps Fellows Program will be to provide prizes and assistance to winners of business plan and creation competitions organized by FounderCorps’ partner organizations.  Click here for the link to the press release.

Check us out, and if you are interested in learning more, please visit our website.

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11 thoughts on “FounderCorps – Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs Win!

  1. Very cool. I think the greatest success in life comes from helping others. I’m looking forward to reading and hearing more on this group.


  2. Wow! This is very cool. I didn’t know about FounderCorps! I believe that one of the single biggest things that can be done to spur entrepreneurship is to have top entrepreneurs mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.


    • Thanks Michael! Agree with you on the importance of mentoring for entrepreneurs, and for anyone in fact. I think all successful people in all professions had role models, or mentors to help teach and guide them along the way. Good luck with your new venture. I look forward to hearing all about it!


  3. I would like to have a FounderCorps here in Colombia, you don´t know how much talent our people have and the lack of offer of this kind of support and mentoring. Go ahead with this good idea and with this good philosophy, real entrepreneurs helping new entrepreneurs, the world need more of that and less venture capital firms.

    Good luck, and hoping some time to have a Colombian chapter of this wonderful idea.



  4. Fantastic post! It sounds like FounderCorps is going to fill a crucial role in the DC area entrepreneurship community — and I’m sure there are going to be excellent candidates for the Fellows Program.


    • Thanks Will. This is what we hope. The timing is right at this moment for a group like FounderCorps. The group of entrepreneurs are very community minded and want to help and build up our entrepreneurial ecosystem here in the region. Hope all is well!


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